Our jewellery is sterling silver and 22 carat gold vermeil. All stones are semi-precious. As gold plating is not permanent, the longevity of the product is in your hands. Please follow these care guidelines: Keep jewellery separate from other jewellery during storage, and in a soft protective environment. Do not get jewellery wet (refrain from swimming, washing, showering, etc). Remove jewellery whilst sleeping. We do not offer any refunds or exchanges on faded gold vermeil.
This garment is 100% hand loomed. All cotton has been hand spun and hand dyed. One hand loomed garment takes up to 27 days to construct. Please find perfection in any small imperfections. This is SLOW FASHION in its truest form. Please do the needful and gently hand wash only.
This garment is made of a blend of 60% silk and 40% cotton, making it lightweight and comfortable. Because of this, please take care when handling it. Please hand wash in cold water.